A spent a huge sum on a new kitchen with all Thermador appliances. Some of them have worked well over the last 18 months: the steam oven, the microwave drawer, the range hood and the wine column. The items that do not work have been terrible. Let's start with the 48" duel fuel Pro Range. Service has been here at least 10 times and I'm still having problems When I call for service it takes a minimum of 10 days and up to 2 weeks for the service guy to get here. The cook top on the range works well; I like the extra low and extra high power on the burners; the grill is fine too. Using the ovens is the tough part. Somehow heat messes with the computer components and breaks things. Sometimes it is the heating element, sometimes is the temperature gauge, sometimes the self cleaning gives me messages that say call for service. The fan in the rear has run for hours at a sound so loud no one could talk to each other in the kitchen. The fabric around the oven doors is shredded. It goes on and on. I hope that anyone reading this will stay away from Thermador. I spent the equivalent of some people's annual salary to have this garbage in my house. I would like to prevent others from doing the same.

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