With only 2 shows originally scheduled for Garth in San Diego, I purchased 6 (way overpriced) tickets through Ticket Liquidator in a pre-release/pre-sale because I had to be sure my group saw Garth! After my transaction was processed I received a disclaimer or seller's note as they called it stating "If more than 2 tickets are purchased; each set of up to 2 tickets will be in a different section or row!" There was no advance warning of this that I was aware of and after I received this notice I returned to the purchase process again to substantiate this statement. Again no warning. Since I had not received actual tickets yet, I could not argue that this would be unacceptable as I was entertaining clients and separating us would be ridiculous. I waited to receive tickets and in fact this was what would happen. They split my group.

I took up my argument with anytickets.com because they were in fact the seller through Ticket Liquidator. They offered to correct this if I agreed to pay more per ticket for almost exactly the same section I originally purchased. This was days before the event and I felt I had no choice at this point unless I was to split my group. I would not recommend anyone do business with a company that operates like this.in this reviewer's opinion they were overpriced, deceitful when it came to sending a seller's note after you bought something, and provided poor customer service by charging more because they knew I had no other option. Very dissatisfied with the process but Garth was amazing!!!

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