I was never more excited about going to a concert in my life than when I was ordering tickets for Kendrick Lamar Kunta's Groove Sessions. I had been (still am) waiting to see my favorite artist live on stage, and was thrilled to have purchased tickets for the show. I told everyone I knew and my good friend and I began celebrating the chance to see Kendrick Lamar live in concert. However, a few days late I received a phone call notifying me that my transaction had gone through even after TicketGalaxy's inventory was completely gone.

While I understand that there was nothing that could be done about the situation other than refund my money. I cannot stress how dissatisfied with the experience. I was unable to find tickets through other sources and missed the show. This should never happen again to a customer, and I cannot imagine myself using this vendor for tickets again. I would hate for any other paying customer to experience this huge disappointment. Please fix whatever issues caused the inventory mix-up.

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