I started renting my new home on 11/01/2015 and on 11/04/2015 I called Time Warner Cable, Carolinas to set up "triple play" service with them. I was told that the first available installation date was 11/10/2015 and the charge would be $29.95 or I could go to the local TWC, pick up the equipment, install it all myself "in a few very quick and easy steps" and have service "right then". I chose the latter and picked up my equipment on 11/05/2015, came home, hooked everything up, used their mobile app to activate everything… Nothing, no services. I spoke with 2 different people who told me that there was an outage in my area and that as soon as it was repaired, all of my services would be up and running. When the outage was repaired, I still didn't have services.

And I called back and spoke to a very nice young lady who told me that someone at TWC had "dropped the ball" and had not sent someone out to check the "tap" to make sure the people before me had not been disconnected and a lock placed on the pole. She told me that the first day that someone could come out was 11/19/2015 but she was having her lead look into for a sooner date. I spoke with several more reps between then and today 11/08/2015 and they all agreed that having to wait that long was ridiculous but there was nothing that they could do to expedite it. Finally, this morning, I spoke with Anderson and he suggested that I call and speak with someone in billing. I assumed that it was to get 2 weeks of charges dropped off of my account since I am without services.

I called and spoke to someone in billing and she said she was going to put me on hold and see what she could do about getting someone out ASAP or dropping 2 weeks of charges. She came back on the line and told me that there is available time tomorrow morning for someone to come out and do a "tap connect" BUT that my account shows that I need to speak to Lisa with Risk Management. She gave me her phone number / extension and then transferred me but that department is closed until tomorrow. I looked online to find out what exactly their risk management department does.

I have never had a TWC account before because I just moved to the Carolinas from a state that doesn't have TWC so I know that isn't the problem. I am in a rental house that, according to my neighbors, has a LOT of people move in and out without staying very long but surely TWC can't hold that against me. I just don't understand why one of the many people that I have spoke with over the last 5 days, couldn't have told me this.

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