We are a business customer with several accounts. Three new accounts that we are trying to et transferred to the permant address. One we have been asking for the transfer of the phone and internet since July It is account 051351101 Pembroke Senior Apartments

Second account Calvary Trace requested recently and told it would take more than 30 days to transfer to the new office.

Third account is Sardis Trace. Again we were told it would take 30 or more days to transfer. At this location there are already phones for the elevator activated.

Our Marketing Director has requested the transfers and has spoken with numerous TW employees but still no help in resolving the issues. As a last attempt, as President of our management company I am asking the executive group to contact me to allow these issues to be resolved prior to our contacting the media to discuss the poor service received. These issues are disrupting the operating of these new businesses and are unacceptable. Thank you for your assistance. Ann Hanson, President Excel Property Management, Inc Raleigh, NC

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