After owning our timeshare for several years my wife and I decided to sell it. Timeshares Only had plenty of "Claims" for being the best and #1 so we contacted them to sell our timeshare. After being assured that we would have a quick sell because we listed ours for half of the going value per Timeshares Only, we still have not had even one offer come our way. Now it has been 6 years and still not one offer. I went onto the site to see how it was being advertised and unless you know exactly where and what you are looking for (which no one does when searching) you can't find my ad. I think Timeshares Only simply takes your money with a load of misleading talk, places an ad and waits to see if someone happens to stumble across it.

This company is a scam and should be shut down. I even saw an ad for the same resort listed under their "Hot Deals" and it was listed for twice the money as mine and it was the exact same unit. How is that a "Hot Deal"? It seems as if they would rather NOT sell anything to make it look like they have a large inventory due to "Popularity". I think their inventory is high due to "Lack of sales". Save your money and avoid this company. Read the other feedbacks. There are plenty of stories just like mine.

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