The store is generally clean and fancy, but it's not worth it. I mean I'm a part time employee who pays for his own college, and last thing I want is a heartless poker face guy telling me to do an engine diagnostic check "to check what's wrong with my engine" for a $92. Like seriously? Does to think it's normal to pay a guy who went to a technical school for 11 months 92 dollars for wasting my own gas and taking off the engine cover? No, I don't like that. Besides, $9 for disposing the used oil? Maybe that's normal for most of you, but for me it's worth an hour of standing on my feet smiling at people while folding pricey tshirts.

Hold on I'm not done yet, $35 shop fee? You gotta be freaking kidding me! So you don't just charge me your employee's fee, the parts which you're making profit out of (at least 50%profit), making pay for trashing the oil which your business is all about, but I also have to pay for "the tools the employees used while fixing your car". Yeah welcome to Florida, people, where a screwdriver and some tools cost 35$ for a single use! I gotta admit though, the coffee machine is pretty nice. When I become a doctor, I'll pass by the shop and piss on it then slip and fall, and pay my lawyer $579.47 to sue your organization, blood suckers, marketing thieves, Sincerely, The guy with the zee.

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