I am so angry with TiVo that I'll need 20mg of Ambien to sleep tonight. I have been a loyal customer since 2009 and am on my 4th device. I tend to upgrade electronics when something new comes out. You would think that this is the type of customer they want. I am returning my BOLT. I am a long-time TiVo owner and the BOLT is the 4th model I have purchased. My Roamio was purchased last February at full price. I called TiVo on October 18th to confirm I could cancel my monthly service for Roamio since I was buying a BOLT. I was assured it was canceled and I would not be billed next month since the BOLT is prepaid for one year.

Today I was billed for it and called TiVo again. This time the person told me that I was under "contract" with the Roamio until February and would have to continue paying. I had already sold the Roamio using Amazon Trade-in and no longer even have the device. I will not do business with TiVo again unless someone contacts me in a hurry to make it right! They have lost a good and loyal customer.

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