I recently bought a pair of trainers for one of my children as a Christmas present. I have to shop early as I have a large family. I was going to give them to my son before Christmas as he needed them. However I realised I had picked up the wrong size. They were in the size 10 section but we're actually an American 10. This wasn't pointed out by the cashier when I paid for them so I wasn't aware I had the wrong size until today. I tried to swap them at the taunton branch where I bought them from but was was told as the receipt was out of date there was nothing they could do. I asked if they could make a one off good will gesture as they hadn't been worn, still in the bag and I had the receipt. I was told this was impossible as the receipt had run out. Apparently it would have been ok if it was only by a few days. I bought them 29 September. I said I couldn't afford to throw €40 away and they wouldn't fit anyone else. They line manager wanted to spend a very long time explaining why it wasn't possible to make a good will gesture at Christmas time even though I wouldn't have bought them had they not have been in the wrong place eventually she consulted with the manager and they then decided that actually a good will gesture was possible but only for £30 as that's what they would have been sold for today and I could only have a credit note. As the shoes will now go back on the shelf to be sold for £30 even though I had already paid £40 for them and I will have to spend another £30 in the shop even though it has effectively stolen £10 from me, how can that be right? Wouldn't it have been fairer to credit me with the full amount which I would have spent in the shop? We have already established that they are able to make good will gestures as they have already done so.

I would be grateful, therefore, if you could send me a credit note for the £10 that was taken from me. I would not have bought a size 9.5 shoes for someone who takes a 10. I understand that the receipt is slightly out of date but it's not like they have a sell by date is it? And they are back on the shelf.

Thank you for your consideration.

Deborah Edwards

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