I was extremely disappointed with the experience I had today trying to return a bag that had a damaged zipper. While I was on vacation, the second time I went to unzip the bag, the zipper split; frustrating traveling with a bag that doesn't work. I had my receipt however the tags were off because I USED the bag. (purchased just over a week ago). Not only was the manager not helpful, but also she was augmentative telling me the receipt was for an animal print. I explained THREE times that the animal print was the bathrobe that I purchased the same day, there are two items on the receipt. So much for a 30 day return policy with your receipt. When I went to find the bag in the store to show the SKU she followed me and said I can't return it, it doesn't match the receipt. I ended up taking the # for Corporate and will follow up on Monday and can take a picture of the bag AND the bathrobe if they need to see both. Super frustrating. You think they would have been apologetic for selling me something defect (have you ever traveled with a broken zipper, not easy). Not impressed with the product, the customer service, or the manager's approach to the situation.

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