Absolutely appalling service! Rearranged a delivery for today (Monday 16th) I have waited in all day and no delivery!!! I called at 4.15pm to check it was going to arrive only to be told 'delivery can be up to 6pm' so when 6.15pm arrived and still nothing I called again and then found out that the driver didn't finish his deliveries, he went back to depot and went home just leaving my delivery!!! How the hell is that acceptable? I now have to try and get it delivered tomorrow to my work which I am far from happy about. What really gets me is that you had my telephone number so why did I not get so much as a curtsey call to tell me what was going on. I am truly disgusted with this service and will be making a formal complaint, and I will be expecting an investigation into the driver as to why he didn't finish his deliveries!

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