I bought a used 2008 bow x5 3.0 from Tom Wood out right (cash). They gave me 4 complimentary oil changes or 24 months which ever comes first. First Time I took for service they put regular conventional oil BMW manufacture specified full synthetic clearly states on front of engine compartment. Then they checked the air pressure and rotated wheels and alignment was way off. Tire pressure sensor they could not reset. Second time they used part synthetic and did something to the radiator which eventually start leaking that cost me 1500 to repair. Third time got home and noticed the underbody cover guard to engine holding together by one electrical green grounding screw.

In October they finally used the correct synthetic oil but during tire pressure check they broke the valve stem. I have never waited 5 Hour for an oil change in the time I have own a car and been driving since 1985. BMW is one of the easiest cars to work on. I work on my three other cars and an SUV, it's lot more complicated. 11/13/2015 @ 1900 HR I just happen to check windshield wiper fluid and notice the covers of the (angle eyes) head light covers on both lights were tampered with! I have pictures of every insistent! I will prosecute.

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