Unfortunately, I didn't read about TomTom until after I began to have problems keeping my 1605M RV GPS up to date. The description stated "free lifetime maps". Not only have they attempted to charge for updates, my model (the RV portion) is no longer listed. They quit offering free updates 6 or 7 months into my ownership. What's worse, they haven't responded to any of my emails but I do get plenty of $99 one year subscription offers. However, the last one was reduced to $25 but there was no mention of my model with the RV designation. This is the most important aspect to my use of a GPS. Fortunately, I purchased it at Costco where I MIGHT be able to return if, however, I don't want to push this poor product off on them. It shouldn't without mention that I haven't seen TomTom in a retail shop for a long time. I would Love to find a means recouping costs from TomTom themselves. Help!!

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