In 2014, i brought a contract phone(Tablet ZTE) with cellc, and insured it via Csurance for an amount of R69. and in 2015 the phone switch itself ON and OFF, but did not make any claim, because i thought it because of winter. But later this year, it keeps of switching itself ON/OFF, and in may this year it feel Mistakenly out of my hands and the screen cracked-and on 25 of May 2016 i then call the Csurance and explained everything about the Phone, and i was told the take it to the nearest cellc store, and on the 28 of May 2016-My phone was booked with the cellc store, and on the 8th of june 2016 i then called the Csurance and i was told to call the cellc repair centre, and they also told me they want a reference number, which i didnt have, and on the 10th of June-i was helped by this Lady, who atleast given me a reference number..i called cellc repair centre and i was told that-they are still waiting for csurance to accept the quote, later that they i called the csurance and they told me- they will call me to Confirm the payment access amount. and 20 th of june 2016 the csurance called me saying i should pay the access amount of R200, which i did pay on the 25 of june. and on the 29th of June i called them to Confirm if they have received the access amount, and the say NO, WHY? you should email us a proof of payment, which i did emailed it to them on the 30th of june. and on the 4th of july i then called them to Confirm and they did received the access amount, and that they will BOOK my phone with the repair center. and on the 8th of july i then decided to call cellc repair center to chech the process of the phone, and i was told that its beyond repair-i then call the csurance and tell them what i was told-Csuarance told me they need a Confirmation from them that the phone is beyond repair.and i should give them 7-14 working days to receive that message. and on the 2nd of August in then called the Cellc repair center to check the status- and i was told they are still waiting for csuarance to accapt the quote amount-and that they have'nt received anything from the insurance, I immediately called the csurance to find out-and the are trying to book the phone now with repair center-i don't understand because the the guy from csurance told me the phone was booked on the 8th of july and i should wait for 7-14 working days.

So i really dont know-the repair center says this and cusrance also says a different story, i even asked them to talk to their manager-and i was told -i am here sir to assist you

i mean -am being charged by them every month even if i dont have he phone with me, i pay for the Data of the Phone which i dont have-Ive asked them to borrow me the phone-they say there is no such options.Ive asked them to give me a new one-they say i should wait. JUST IMAGINE, Since 28 of May 2016 I've been waiting for the Phone. I would never recommend csurance to anyone.

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