3179099439. sabatino g Ziko. and Adam Ziko. Shirley Ziko aka. marine ziko. our rip off in common they promised to do all the work on your driveway or at your roof they took me for over $3000 repairing my roof in my driveway and took a deposit never came back they have threaten my family and me Shirley a.k.a. Maria. asked to use my bathroom and told me she has some type of rare blood disease and she needs to go really bad or she’s gonna P on herself or shit on her self. well she was in my living room I was worried. she went into my bedroom and stole a diamond bracelet that belong to my grandmother. I didn’t notice it for a few days. A few days later as they was working on my roof I noticed someone tried to break into my car. well what they didn’t know my doorbell is also a Camera I’ve seen Adam and Sabatino a.k.a. Sam. ziko. trying to break into my car but the alarm scared them off these are not just comments they are, and these lowlife drug attic’s I am the sorriest person I ever met these people I am terrified for my life they have threatened me numerous times I have seen guns in their cars they told me it was for protection but now I know better four doors down from me someone broke into an elder lady‘s house and beat her up she passed away these people been in my neighborhood since the past three weeks I don’t know why the police are not investigating them I googled their names and I found out that not only done this in Indianapolis Indiana. also done it in Dallas Texas. You Google Sabatino you Google Sabatino’s gino ziko. or Adam ziko. Marie Ziko. Who goes by Shirley. you will see they are wanting in Texas. they use different advertisements and pavement companies and roofing companies I tried to contact another roofing company to finish up the job they ruined and they answered again I am terrified please if you see these people make them get up your property don’t have any dealings with them.

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