Water heater started leaking and ruined the ceiling. I am out of town so wife called Total Protect to file a claim. Jesse with Sancho Services (no kidding, for those who know what sancho means) showed up and said it was not the water heater. Long story short… This clown is no longer welcome in my house! Called TP to request a different plumber. They said they could not (really?) do that but I could get my own plumber and they would reimburse me x-amount. It has been 4 weeks and they claim they never received our receipt (go figure). Furthermore, they ONLY way to communicate with this sorry company is by email, to which they won't respond.

Moral to the story: If you enjoy paying to be screwed over by shady incompetant techs, lied to, ignored and loads of greif then sign up with Total Protect.

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