We had some good experiences but we had a number of problems during our two-day hop on, hop off trolley tour to Vancouver City.in the beginning, we got on the wrong tour because there are several companies that do the same thing. They have different kinds of buses and stop at different places. Being new to the city, we didn't know what we were looking for so we found the wrong one. We spent the first morning just trying to find the right bus with the right route. There needs to be some kind of a commonality between the different companies and everybody needs to honor a person's ticket to a central location where you can get the right bus and you can get yourself where you're headed. It took a timed reception staff in a different hotel than the one we were staying at to make a couple of phone calls to figure out where we were supposed to be and how we were supposed to get on the right bus. We wasted about half a day doing that.

The last day we were using Tours4Fun was a rather busy day. We were waiting for our bus to go from Granville Island to a place closer to our hotel and there were too many people for the amount of space on the bus. It wasn't only Tours4Fun, there were others as well. So we waited for over an hour to find a bus that we could actually get on. The second bus driver finally made the company understand that they had to put another bus down there because people were getting very angry. So from our observation Tours4Fun sold more tickets than they were running buses that day. Because of those two experiences, that made it difficult to enjoy the city as much as we wanted to. We missed a few things because of that first morning and then the end of the day when we couldn't get back to our hotel.

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