Because of unexpected events we were forced to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When a Chapter 7 is filed, an automatic stay is issued by the court and sent to all creditors. They are forbidden to take ANY collection actions, including even sending you letters or calling you, until the case is finalized. They are also forbidden from repossessing anything.

My bankruptcy will not be finished until early December. At about midnight on November 12 I found my car gone. The police told me it had been repossessed, and the repo company left word that I should contact Toyota Financial, which, of course, is not open at night. Although they will have to return the car, it is now over 45 miles away, I have school in the morning, and there are things in it I have to have, and the repo yard doesn't open until 9, and neither does Toyota Financial. It is obvious someone at Toyota Financial screwed up, but a reliable company would not make this kind of error.

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