Hi. I purchased a Toyota camry from lr Toyota on colonel Glenn. I was 3 months behind on my car payment. The guy I talk to on the 13th day of November 2015 told me to pay $784 to stop the repossesion. I told him ill c wat I can do. So I got the money up Sat the 14th, went to walmart and paid $700… That's all I had at the time. I agreed to pay another 400 friday the 20th of nov. Well anyway, the lady at the reimbursement office told me that I had to pay the whole cash price of the car b4 I can get it back. Now wen I brought the car I was at Toyota twice a week putting air in my tire. The windshield had a crack in it n it still does. If u wud check ur files I fell behind on my payments bcuz I just recently got my tags. U all shows no gratitude for ur customers. You all have put me in a hardship n a transportation bind as far as getting back n forth to my doctor appts. I contacted u all and stated I was getting my tags n that I may be a few months behind, (check ur recordings). I would like for someone to get back with me ASAP reguarding this matter. There is no way I cud pay off $22,000 n my income is $764 a month. I been asking my daughter Michelle for help. If u need me call me at 5019127621 I have authorized my daughter to handle this matter. If I need to c an attorney please let me know because this is pathetic. Repo someone car for $84 dollars… Really… Wat would u do if someone did this to ur disabled mother or grandmother. I thought Toyota wud b a little more caring about they're customers. I know you all commercials are not a lie. I wud like to continue to be a loyal customer. Please help me resolve this matter a little better. Thanks for ur time… If unable to reach me please email me at my daughter email address. Thanks again

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