Purchased a used 2011 vehicle (2 years ago). During the summer months, I noticed increased rusting on the inside of the door frames. By the following year, the driver's door was so bad, it had rusting approximately the length of the rubber pad and the passenger door was doing the same. The back two passengers doors were starting, but nearing the same corrosion. I stopped in at Cambridge and Kitchener Toyota locations, but neither wanted to help. The Cambridge location was aggressive in their behavior and at one point, blamed the problem on the type of paint used.

I took it to a body place, $300.00 later I had fixed the rust issues; then another $200.00 to cover the freshly painted inside door frame with plastic, so that I would not have to deal with it again. When writing to Toyota, the first explanation was "In the case with corrosion, there are many variables that will contribute to the durability. One example would be salty and wet conditions during the winter." When I explained about this happening in the summer months, they referred back to the warranty. I do see a pattern of passing the buck, not no solutions; from any Toyota locations. It is very disappointing to have a 2011 vehicle rust on the inside of the door frame. The auto body place clearly stated that this was design flaw. This is my second Rav4 (2004). However the older version did not have the rubber pad on the door frame. Regardless of all the effort I did on my end, Toyota continues to pass the buck, the solution and cost are all mine.

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