A cashier made a mistake and of course did not know how to fix it. 3 associates had no idea what to do. He called and paged a manager 6 times. Finally, manager answered and said that she is busy working on the schedule. It took another 10 minutes for a different manager to show up and she was super rude and sarcastic. After which I told her that I would like to speak to an intelligent manager. She went to complain to a store manager and when he came, he was rude and would not let me speak, basically.

I was there with my child who got tired and upset, crying and I am 5 months pregnant in a lot of pain from standing there for about 30 minutes and very stressed and disrespected. No one apologized except 1 cashier, who at the end helped me with my transaction. I took everyone's names and the store number is 8322. Assistant manager was Kelly, the most rude person I have ever met. Store manager is Bob, who would not let me speak at all and right away told me off for his assistant manager Kelly. He was not even there when she was yelling at me and talking down at me in front of everybody and pointing fingers at me. I will sue this store for sure.

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