I placed an order over a month ago. A week after my order was placed, one of the items were out of stock. When it was finally in stock, I received an email confirmation saying my item was shipped. I waited an additional week only to find out it was never really shipped, it went back out of stock. When I called customer service, the agent said she would refund me with a gift card in the mail. Two weeks passed and my gift card never came. So I called customer service again when finally after over fifteen minutes, they agreed to give me a $15 appeasement code to use on their website.

However, they failed to mention that you will still have to pay shipping when using the code even though your order is qualified for free shipping. So on the phone again, I called customer service to complain and after 33 long agonizing minutes, they finally agreed to use the code and give me free shipping. This by far was the worst experience I ever had with online ordering and I would never order with them again!

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