Bad SIM code. Reported it more than two weeks ago. Had to talk to multiple agents. Talking to them is laborious. They speak like robots. They spell every word. They do not convey or respond to humor, idle chat, or display empathy or concern. They know what you are asking but they will treat it like it’s an invalid request unless you put it into their technical jargon, e. G. "compensation" (extending the service time because you have been waiting for your SIM code for several weeks.) They got my address wrong. The SIM card never came. I called them today. No apology. Passed along to several agents. Same robotic behavior. Every 30 seconds I was told that they are still reviewing the notes. I heard this 6 times before. I told her that I remembered when she said it 30 seconds ago.

I asked why they didn't call me to let me know the package was returned. They said they don't do that and wait for the customer to call them. They were unapologetic and could seemingly not care that I was inconvenienced. I asked what the address was they had on file and they said they didn't have a way to see it anymore. (What?!!) This is not the first time I've experience this. Years ago when I had one, it was the same thing… This is just my first official complaint. It's always a bad day when I have to call TracFone.

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