I returned bad cell phone back to TracFone in their return package and they received it by proof of FedEx receipt. They have lied time after time for the last 8 days. First: replacement was to be sent the day of receipt but wasn't. Then they said it was to be shipped the next day, it wasn't. Then they said it was a conflict between customer service and the warehouse (???) but be shipped next day, NOPE. Now they gave me a tracking number BUT that was for their return box for bad phone and even gave me same ticket number for bad phone.

But then called and talked to Michael at corporate office and he said phone be going out today BUT YEPPER he lied. No shipping info. So I guess I got ripped off and I know I have been lied to by every service agent and even corporate office employees. So I am writing this complaint as a warning. If you use TracFone don't expect honest and reliable consumer service because they are all about lies and deceit and ripping off their customers. Well, that's been my experience and opinion so BEWARE.

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