My husband and I have used Tracfone for years and have had no issues – until I purchased a new phone that could not get service outside of our hometown. After spending 1 hr. And 20 minutes on the phone with a representative, during which time he tried all manner of things to get it to work, he finally told me to reset the phone. He did warn me that I would lose everything on the phone. I felt I had no choice. I lost all my contacts, all my pictures, everything. The phone still did not work. Then I was told I needed to send the phone back and they would issue a replacement.

They sent me a prepaid envelope and I returned the phone. I was told I would get a replacement phone by return mail. Never happened. I called and was told the warehouse had the phone on back order but would be sent shortly. After another week, still nothing. Called again. This time I was told I just had to wait until the warehouse had a phone available! I asked for my money back and was told their return policy is 30 days and my return was outside of that 30-day period. So, my phone is being held hostage and I am without an alternative.

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