My mother is 66 years old suffering with severe emphysema and COPD. She has had a TracFone for 4 years now. I always take care of her affairs for her and thank goodness I do. She does the yearly plan so I contacted TracFone to purchase a plan that fit for her. She also has the double minutes for life. I told all 7 reps I talked to what I needed. I was told about two plans, 1- a 99.99 dollar plan with 400 minutes that will double to 800 minutes. 2- a 119.99 dollar plan for 800 minutes that will double to 1600 minutes. Also TracFone sent her a text with a promo code to add 1050 extra minutes when she re-enrolls.

After me spending 4 and a half hours and being charged $130.73 cents on the credit card my mom has only the 1050 minutes and no one at TracFone will reimburse the monies back to the credit card. That keep telling me we got what we paid for and after investigation of a refund they owe her nothing. I cannot believe that a company such as this can continue to stay in business treating people as they do. Out of all the lawsuits out there, why has a lawyer not sued this company? Stealing from the elderly population and able to lay their head down and sleep at night!!! What shame you should have! This company needs to be shut down. I failed to mention 3 of the people I talked to were supervisors. Please help.

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