My phone (and number) that I had for over 5 years broke, so I bought a new one to have the old number transferred. Sounds simple. Over 3 hours and two days later I find they cancelled my number forever with no excuse whatsoever. Then when they said they would transfer my old minutes to the new phone they said I only had 37 minutes when I KNOW I had nearly 200. So in short I lost my number, got the runaround for 2 days. Losing that number is going to cost me a good percentage of my income as a salesman this year.

Just try get something done about it, good luck. They are like robots on the phone. After all the problems they caused me they still ended up saying "Thank you for using TracFone." What really happened is that someone in India that I was talking to got retribution with me because I lost my temper. Bottom line that is what happened. What a joke. This company's customer service is unbelievable. Never never again will I use a TracFone.

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