I would like contact info OF SUPERVISOR for store manager of Tractor Supply in Lumberton NC! I have been a loyal customer from the day this store opened. I have watched MANY employees come and go. The fact this store is constantly losing employees should speak volumes on how the store is being operated. Recently they hired ANOTHER new employee, which is probably one of the best moves management has made since opening the store. This employee is super friendly and always eager to help a customer as if it is a privilege. Also she is always working even when it seems to most there is nothing to do she finds work amd manages to make customers feel like they are the most important thing to her. One would never know her battles. I recently discovered her father is in hospital on life support and she is raising her child alone facing eviction, AND CHRISTMAS COMING FAST. But the real kicker was discovering she is getting less than fifteen hours a week. Yet continues to smile. You ask how I know these things about her? NO SHE DIDNT TELL ME. I ran into a old friend in line last week who knows her family somehow and her struggles. Seems she is just as terrific away from work. So my complaints? On SEVERAL OCCASIONS I HAVE overheard one of the female managers and another employee gossiping / trashing this employee while plotting to sabotage her job by convincing others she doesn't do her job. If there was truth to this it would still enrage me because it is wrong. But after witnessing first hand the work performance of this employee AND the of the two vicious employees it really enrages me. These two are apparently in a sexual relationship as I have heard some very personal conversations that leaves little to one's imagination. That is sickening the guy is young enough to be this managers son. Today I heard three employees talking about this girl. They were all laughing out loud as they bragged about the doubt they had planted in the mind of higher ups. Their motivation? The manager wants her boyfriend who just turned 18 to have this girls position. This is the same manager amd employee I watched in past remove items from the shelf amd put in one or the others car. I actually heard the guy ask the female manager was she gonna keep putting him on schedule with this employee so he could go ahead and help send her oh her way more quickly. Her reply. I got you boo!!! This kind of thing happens all the time unfortunately most of the time employees are more careful of who they speak in front of. I guess they are just too comfortable there. Like I said I have wondered over the years why this manager female was still employed by tractor supply, because she is never working when I go in there, and I mean literally NEVER WORKING. She can always be found propped up on something gossiping like a teenager. But now to know she is part of such a horrible thing to do to another person all because this person actually does their job and is well liked by the customers. Shame, shame, shame on you Tractor Supply for not checking and watching your camera's you should know this is going on I would like the contact info for the right person I need to give this complaint to

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