I stopped by Trader's Joe's to buy peanut butter… Low and behold they have speculous cookie butter. Since they are always out of stock I decided to buy 2 dozen. So here I am @ the checkout counter and the
cashier -asked me"oh are you going to send it?"
Me-Hmmmm… I said why did you asked me that?
Cashier – oh it's because there is this lady that bought 100 cases to send it to the Phil?
Me – I am trying hard to hold back and just bite my lips.
Another cashier -are you going to send it to the Phil?
My cashier – oh you really are going to put me in trouble she said to the other cashier.

I am really getting upset and intimidated by their Q's.
I almost feel like being interrogated. So…
Me – are you asking me this Q's because I am Asian and of Filipino origin?

Cashier-She is making all this excuses now. Another cashier – Are you going to send it?

Me – I can tell my face is as red a strawberry now and
am really pissed off..
Me – Are You guys are racially profiling me because I am Asian?
Cashier – Trying to divert my attention"I like your purse, did you get it in Italy. She goes on and on. She
Rang up my purchases thank me and hand me my receipt.

This whole incident was being heard by other customers…

I talk to the manager, I guess my face says it all how upset I am, And I told her so that it's none of their business whether it's for my own consumption, gift or whatever it may be.
I am very upset that I feel like am ready to blow. But manage to be civil. I told the manager that I am a public servant and I treat people the way I want to be treated.
This whole experience is totally uncalled for. The manager offer me flowers, Choc. Or TJ's grocery bag. I thank her and said I can afford to buy it. She gave me all the excuses. But I still feel like I am being singled out because Of my ethnicity.
I will give Trader's Joe's rate of 0 on a scale of 1-10.

We live in a very diverse do community and I think people should be sensitive to how other's may feel.

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