BEWARE if you book an international flight with layovers. I had a return flight from Serbia to USA and they scheduled me for a 1 hour 15 minute layover in Paris. I learned the hard way that this was absolutely absurd. The (very helpful) people with Air France all told me that was insane and totally unrealistic at that particular airport, and a minimum of 2 hours was required. It took me an hour just to get through security after which it was impossible to sprint through a huge airport to get to my next gate in time. I ended up missing my flight and was stranded in a foreign country thanks to Travelocity.

When I called them to complain, the person I spoke with was very polite but told me they would do absolutely nothing for me (they just blamed Air France for the problem). They also told me that "our system indicates a minimum time of 1 hour at Charles de Gaulle airport and your layover was 1 hour 15 minutes, so it should be ok." I demanded either a partial refund or for them to put me up in a hotel, which they flatly refused.

I understand that problems happen, but they didn't even do anything to make up for it, other than blame Air France (those people went above and beyond to get me home, btw). If you ever book an international flight, just understand that Travelocity's scheduler does not apply realistic times to layovers! I personally think they calculate that based on domestic flights, and don't take security into consideration, so don't trust their layovers when it comes to international travel.

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