Booked 6 rooms through travelocity. After check in we found bed bugs. Made several calls to Travelocity and was told it was up to the hotel to give us a refund and would have to wait to the next day as there was no mgr on duty at the hotel. After several phone calls travelocity finally agreed to give us a refund after I asked the, why they don't stand behind their product. I paid my money to travelocity they should be the one to refund my money. We were left to find another hotel with 6 rooms on a Saturday. We lost well over an hour just being on hold with travelocity plus having to check out and find different hotel accommodations. Five days later and we still have not been contacted by Travelocity nor the hotel to find out what all happened and to see if we were able to find a place to stay. Wow! That shows he level of care for the customer.

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