I made flight arrangements from Chicago to Killeen Texas to see my daughter for thanksgiving. Her husband is in the army. Last Wednesday November 4th, my elderly father had a heart attack and had to go through a triple bypass. I called to cancel my flight as he will need round the clock care for the next few weeks only to be told I can't get my money back but I could get a voucher. I informed them I paid with my credit card and I want my credit back on my cards not a voucher I will never use as I'm moving to Texas in the spring and my daughter I'd coming here for Christmas.

I then told them it was a medical emergency so they told me I had to call the company that provided the insurance and file a claim. I informed them, "I bought the ticket with you, you call them and handle it or have them call me as I'm sitting in a ICU IN A HOSPITAL TRYING TO KEEP MY FATHER ALIVE." They said no. I asked for her supervisor and after 45 minutes, she said no so I asked for her supervisor and 40 minutes later I talked to Corp customer service and she treated me like a fool. So I asked for her boss and she said I can't go any higher than her. I quickly informed her that she has a boss and I want to talk to them. She said I could file a return call from a lead CS Rep but it would take 6 to 8 weeks to call me back. I said, "So I paid you, took out the insurance, need to cancel and want my money back and you refuse to help me?" She said that is how it is done.

So after all that, they NEVER DID CANCEL MY FLIGHT! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. I don't care if I have to pay a penalty. I just want my money back and not a voucher I will never use. I want the president of Travelocity / Expedia.com name as number so I can call him and Complain as well. Any help in getting this situation fixed would be appreciated.

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