We purchased a pre-owned Maxima and when asked if we wanted packages for services to be done there monthly we said no because we live 2 hours away. Yesterday a female from Trophy called asking if we wanted to bring the car in for detailing since we bought a package for monthly service. We specifically said no and I went back to look at our finance papers and it doesn't show any "extras" that we bought. So now I'm paying for a service I won't use and paying interest on it. I also find it ironic it took a year for them to call and see if we wanted to use the service they included in our bill when we said "NO thanks."

Our car came with one remote and when we asked about a second one the guy doing our finance said he would include one. So when we asked about it the next day because I had to take the car back for some agreed upon repairs, he conveniently didn't remember our agreement. We did have the option to purchase one for $350 though. I would NOT recommend purchasing from them and if you do, make sure the papers you leave with show a line item account of what you purchased.

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