Hired Chemlawn to do yard – about an acre and a half. Came out 4 times and sprayed yard. One of the times they Sat in front of my house in a downpour for 45 min and then got their machine they drive for big yards and did my yard after the downpour which left ruts all over my yard which stayed for about 5 to 6 weeks. Yard looked bad. Even after cutting for 5 weeks you could see this. Made me upset when you're paying to have a nice lawn and they mess it up. Well then it happened again yesterday, rained all day here. They come when you're not there to stop them. Yard is a mess ruts (tire marks) in whole yard. Ground was soaked when they did it. What a bunch of idiots, who would drive a heavy machine all over a yard after it has rained two inches and ground is so soft? Canceled them. Do not use Chemlawn – they suck. Paid these idiots to mess my yard up.

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