We hired Sanjeev (Sean) Singh of TSM Moving & Storage in Mississauga, Ontario for a cross country move believing he was affiliated with Two Small Men Moving. We were quoted a certain price along with a price per pound rate. We had more weight than expected but we happily paid with proof of the weight which was provided. When it came time to pay the final, agreed upon amount we settled on June 2nd and have an invoice stating "paid in full" for the amount shown on the invoice. Two more charges were made to our credit card after the final amount was paid totaling almost 50% more than the agreed upon total. Sean admitted the mistake but has not returned the money. We have had 5 months of hearing that the money has been returned by Visa reverse transaction, cheque and wire transfer.in each case the money never showed up. We have checked with the bank and no failed transactions have occurred. Sean has continually lied to us to avoid returning the money he owes us. Also, there are several indications that he is affiliated with Two Small Men Moving which we have now found out is not the case. Another thinly veiled lie. When asked, Sean admitted that he is no longer affiliated with Two Small Men but you have to ask otherwise it appears that he is.

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