I needed to prepare my unit for rental and asked Turf Spec to do some tree felling and lawn planting. They asked for full payment upfront, which should have been a warning.

They did arrive to cut back the trees. However, they seemed to take advantage of the fact that I would be out of South Africa from November. I sent multiple requests to complete the lawn planting. These were ignored. Thinking that perhaps the problem was my e-mail, I asked my sister to contact them. They ignored her too. As it turns out, they responded to quote requests from someone I know, so clearly there are no IT issues. They simply ignored multiple requests, from multiple sources, including the form on their website.

I had to get another supplier to finish the job and have since requested a refund, and these requests have been mostly ignored too.

After a bit of research, I've found that the positive reviews are from Philip French, the owner, and his contacts or employees. The other online reviews I have found are all the same – they charge upfront, and then refuse to complete the project.

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