This past week I was mailed a TXU Energy Promotional offer, for new customers, to receive a $350 bonus (Visa Pre-Paid cards) in return for signing up for TXU Energy Texas Choice 24 plan. Promo Code DMANOV509S, Reference Code: My address is clearly on the promotional mailing, and is correct (including ZIP shown as 75074 (Plano). It's also correct that I'm not an existing customer. The offer includes stating that I'm pre-approved, no deposit is required, and I should call 1-800-998-9763 to sign up.

It turns out this offer is only available in the CenterPoint Energy Service Area (Houston). And thus the offer is 'bait and switch. "We really can't make this offer to you, even though we sent it to you and pre-approved you, but let's discuss other plans we can do for you (that don't offer a $350 bonus)." TXU has a lot of goodwill to its name. It really surprises me, and saddens me, to see TXU resort to 'bait and switch' activity to solicit customers. Sure comes across as 'sleazy' to me, diminishing the value of its long held TXU good name.

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