TXU Energy use to be good. All of a sudden it went up and I mean way up! I get the free nights plan from when I started. The first 3 months were about $80 the most and I've had them over a year. Get this. I live in a one bedroom apartment under 600 sq. My bill last month Oct. 2015 was $177 with the free nights. And this month Nov. 2015 as I have used less is what their chart said is $179. I don't get how this is. And they have this texting thing that tells us if the bill is under your expected amount which mine is $100 because I really don't think it should be no more.

We don't use the ac. All we use most days is light when needed, washer and tv for a few hours, so why is it so high? But anyways back to my point. It had texted me that it would be under $100 so I went and looked at the cost tab and it said 90. All of a sudden it jumped $90 in not even a 24 hour period. REALLY??? I'm only giving it 2 stars because it use to be good. Now it's way too expensive.

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