Whatever you do, do NOT do business with this company. They used sneaky and underhanded business practices to get money out of you. When I switch from another provider to them, I was told I was on a 3 tier plan, i. E. I pay so much for kilowatts up to 1200, then x amount from 1201-2000, then x amount for anything above. When they would not give me a decent renewal rate, I switched from them to another provider who offered a lower rate. I get my last bill and they charge me for the amount of kilowatts I used which came to around 120.00. Then, and read carefully, they tack on this average monthly usage fee jumping the bill up to almost 350.00.

I called and told them I will pay the 120.00 but I absolutely refuse to pay this bogus, underhanded extra fee they seem to have concocted and which was NEVER explained to me when I go to another company. I am so livid right now. I have never seen such sneaky slimy tactics from any company. The BBB and the States Attorney's Office should shut these folks down for misleading people and out and out lying to them.

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