I have been Uber user for almost two months in Bogota (Colombia). At the first, rate was very convenient however dynamic rate is applying all mornings until 3.9 normal rate. I usually take the service around 6:15am and drivers frequently tell me that they HAVEN´t had services for a while even one of them told me this week that he hadn't been a service for around one hour and I paid a dynamic of 2.3 time a normal rate… So WHY A DYNAMIC RATE IF DRIVERS DON´T HAVE DEMAND??? I think platform administrators are abusing of the rate in the morning mainly. If I a take an average of my paymants in the last 2 weeks, it will be more favorable and cheap buy a car I am paying more in UBER in a month that I will pay for a small car including loan, gas, taxes and maintenance… TIP: my daily trip from home to office is only 4km!!!

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