To support

I thank you for your interesting about uber partners and development your busines,

I am chemical engineer, I have experiens, as limo driver over 4 years, my gole is how to make my customer satisfied 100%,

just, last two dayes I finished my Acura / MDX registeration, which cost me $ 55000 as finance and I paid all costs airport as HAS, and…

so that I start my job at Halloween period, its first time shareing and it hard to find my customer in same add. And most customers 7, or 8 as grop they want take trip together, for that, they rate me lower star as their mood was,

I have not any background about customers rate, I have been worked with great CO., without applying system star, because COs. Know whats conditions should apllied for customers to be satisfied, and only. Driver original behavior, identify successful for any job,

so please help me and updat my account, so I need time to appear my experience, it just less than two weeks,

sir I promise, that I will do the best for my customers and uber to have satisfied, please give me chance to approved that.

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