I submitted a claim for UIF via Ufiling on the 9th of February this year. Once all the forms were completed online and submitted the status of my claim was "Sent to Assessor". The status has not changed after 38 days and I have not been contacted or even received an sms advising me on my claims progress.

As Mr Makhosonke Buthelezi, communication and marketing
director for the Unemployment Insurance Fund said in September last year the department is committed to finalising all completed applications within 35 days and the average waiting time for a first payment is 42 days it is rather worrying that I have received no communication whatsoever.

I have spent 8 hours this week holding for assistance on the UIF contact numbers. The phones just ring and nobody bothers answering.

Can somebody please give me a working contact number of an Assessor who is willing to do the work they are being paid to do.

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