Booked a $740 ticket to go home for the funeral in 2 days of a loved one. From San Diego to Little Rock. We realized we needed to change something 5 minutes later (they have a 24 hour change policy). So my wife called to do that. We found out that the ticket was over $300 more – that's not the problem. She made a clear statement that might be too much money, "is there anything cheaper because we might not be able to pay the difference?" Angel the representative said she would check. What she did was cancel the ticket and issued a refund. Then she said the refund would take 72 hours which is after my loved ones funeral. As we do not have over $1,800 to spend on a ticket (the refunded money which isn't available for 3 days plus the $1,050 for the new ticket) I will be missing my loved ones funeral.

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