I fly to Europe frequently, and used to fly Continental, which was a wonderful airlines. Unfortunately, United Airlines (worst service I have ever experienced in any airline) bought Continental. All my frequent flyer miles accumulated with Continental now were converted into Mileage Plus program. I have to have activity at least every 18 months for the miles to not expire. Since I fly frequently, that has never been a problem.

Now my miles were to expire in 8/31/2015, and I flew to Honolulu on 7/31/2015, with a Star Alliance member Hawaiian Airlines. I had called customer service and it was United Airlines that told me to use my UA frequent flyer number, and that would keep my miles from expiring on August. I did that, and I do have my boarding pass with my UA frequent flyer number printed on it. Yet, no credit was posted to my account. I called several times, before 8/31/2015, and they always told me that it could take up to 6 weeks for those to post to my account, and that I had nothing to worry about.

Today they told me that my balance is 0, all my miles expired in 8/31/2015 and they are sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing they can do to reinstate them! They told me I can pay $700 to get my miles reinstated! This is outrageous and I can't believe that it is allowed by law! This company has no right to do this to passengers. I am filing complaints to the BBB and to the Department of Transportation. The same had happened in February with my son, and last year with my daughter. I was sure I would not let this happen also to my miles, but sure thing, they did the same thing!

They tell me that in order for the Star Alliance flight (Hawaiian Airlines) to be valid, I would have to have had also a connection flight with United Airlines on the same trip. There are many wrong things with this. First one they were the ones that told me about this option. They were the ones that told me that flying with a member of Star Alliance would be the same as flying United, and the miles would count as activity and keep my miles active. Now they say they are sorry somebody gave me the wrong information, but there is nothing they can do, and I have to pay $700 to get my hard earned miles back!

Outrageous. Also, what sense would it make to have a Star Alliance if you still have to fly United within the same trip? In that case I would just automatically have my miles, if I was flying United. This was given me as an alternative option, when you cannot fly United (because United does not offer flights between Maui and Honolulu), they were the ones who told me all this, before the miles expired! I told them I would do whatever it takes to keep them active. This was they told me I could do! And now they say sorry, that is not the case, please pay $700 for your miles now!

Unbelievably dishonest company, with horrible customer service, made to frustrate you. Impossible to reach anyone in the USA, and from the Philippines they always say the same thing, which I believe they are reading from a script, and it's like a broken record. No matter what you say or what you ask, they always say I am sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do to reinstate your miles, unless you pay $700.00. The company hides behind these call centers and you can't even talk with anyone that would be there to help you. Horrible. If I had money, I would hire a lawyer. I will never, ever fly United again, not only because there is nothing good about this company, but also as a form of protest.

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