I just found an additional $109.00 charge for this flight for a Comfort Seat, that at the time I was reserving it online through United's website I was not aware that I was paying for. I selected the Economy (flexible) thinking that it is the price for the Comfort Seat! I have called your premier/customer service 3 times today and it is only now that it's become clear that the Economy (flexible) is for people who wanted to avoid change fees! But that is NOT AT ALL CLEAR in the set-up of your prices in the website!

It is a very TACTICAL way for you to TRICK AND FOOL people into buying an ECONOMY SEAT AT A HIGHER PRICE and then charging an ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR COMFORT SEATS which they thought was included in the economy (flexible) ticket price. And the additional charge does not even show up in the total price of the receipt — it's a footnote on the receipt — something which could easily be missed, which again is a strategic way of tricking and fooling your customers into paying more than they intended to!

I urge you to change the set-up of your website! You should have transparency as a courtesy to your customers, not this absurd way of sneaking a charge out of your paying customers! I want my money back please! For the $109.00 charge that in my mind you wisely stole from me. Thank you very much! Also, when I was speaking to one of your representatives they hung up the phone. Really nice customer care you have United.

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