I had a guy come to my for at 9 o clock at night on a work night and convinced me to buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner which is a great product and I have always wanted one. He tried to sell it to me for $2000. I refused. He dropped it down to 1800. Still refused. I said, "There is no way you can convince me." He kept lowering the price. Finally he said, "With all costs included this is the bottom price…$1200. I said, "Ok." Then he told me I won't have a payment for 6 months and then I would have 1 year payoff, no interest, if paid off in that first year after starting payments.

I was paying very large payments and expected one more payment to pay off. So I called UCFS to get payoff amount and they told me I still owed 800 on the account. This was in August. I very unhappily still paid them large payments and called back again in November to see my payoff, and they told me I still owe 459. I tried to submit this info to the BBB and the postal code was not accurate… Go figure… And yet I'm still in the end paying $2000 for something I was told would be 1200. This company is a huge scam. They lie to your face and you can't do a single thing about it. If you buy a Kirby do not use UCFS to finance it. They will rip you off and you can't do anything about it. Thank you for ripping off an honest, hard-working, single mom and showing me you really can't trust anyone walking in this lost world.

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