Had UHC since March of 2015. My coverage was supposed to start as of January 2015, but didn't due to an error on their behalf. Needless to say my initial impression of UHC wasn't the best to begin with. My plan I pay for is supposed to be top-notch, only a $15 co-pay, low deductible. I have paid EVERY month, if not on time, then only a week late. Throughout this year I have tried to go to the pharmacy to pick up my medication and I have been told on at least 3 different occasions that I was cut off due to non-payment. I now have outstanding bills with my physicians because UHC has not paid anything, I have 0 coverage. I have called in if not every month, then every other month because I keep being cut off without any explanation and without warning.

I received a bill last month for $2,000 from UHC. I called about that and they said it was "an error" – what's new? Every single time I call they claim I have an outstanding balance even though I have confirmations and PROOF of payment. UHC has been nothing, but stress since the moment I signed up. I am now sitting here, yet again, after paying my premium on Oct. 23rd without insurance.

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