I became a member of United Healthcare in January of 2015. At the time, I signed up online to have my premium payments automatically paid on the first of each month (when due). Their website is SO screwed up, the payment has never been automatically deducted from my checking account. I have called the customer service department multiple times every month and would get the same answers: insincere apologies, empty promises and worthless reassurances that it will work next month. After 11 months, it still does not work.

I cannot begin to tell you how many hours I have spent on the phone being passed around, put on eternal hold, and hung up on.in the meantime, when I end up making the payments on the phone, there were months when the payments were not applied to my account, when I was labeled as "not current" with my premium payments, and I had multiple services rejected as a result. Needless to say, after this year is complete I will terminate with them. I have never ever had this sort of problem with any other Healthcare Insurance.

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