I have been trying for three weeks to get the copay corrected on medication that I have to take daily for the rest of my life. Thank God it's not life sustaining or else I'd be dead. The problem is simple (at least it seems to me) the drug is erroneously listed as a tier 3 when it's actually a tier 2 medication and while everyone at MD-IPA agrees, they can't seem to get it corrected in their system. The first time I called they said it would be corrected in 10 days. When I followed up they said the initial action had not been taken and it would now take three days for them to submit a reversal form. When I called again to follow up they told me the same thing, an additional three days. My last contact with them they said "another" problem had been fixed, but not the copay problem. What other problem was there that's the only reason I'd called? So now guess what, another three days. The saga continues. Meanwhile, I'm still without my medicine.

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