I started attending the University of Phoenix in mid-August of this year. My adviser told me about the risk-free period and said that as soon as that's completed if I attended my classes and kept a decent grade that the financial aid would be processed and it would take about another month to receive the award letter. The adviser seemed like a very nice and genuine guy but either he's very misinformed or just a really skilled liar because I'm now being told there is no chance I will be receiving any disbursement in 2015.

I just lost my job last week, after working at the same place for four years. I'm a single mother and do not get any sort of child support. Since unemployment takes weeks to months to process I have no way of even getting any gifts for my daughter for Christmas. I wasn't looking to get a ton of money and it's not the reason I enrolled in school but I was an idiot and actually believed my adviser when he said that the 60-90 day period starts from when you enroll, it doesn't. It's 60-90 days after you complete your first class and that's only if your financial aid goes through smoothly, which it won't because the University of Phoenix is just a scam.

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